Twine of Armagedom(7/7/1977)
Pra trip start
Necessary to present me
I am poet of the destination
A history I go to count
Of the War of the Armagedon
That to the world it goes to transform...

I sing the war in the impulsivity
End of the times to arrive
The malice of the serpent
It comes a crossbow of air
Control of the Thought:
Men to enslave...

The war always existed
Of the cave to the airplane
The man always fought
For a false reason
Destroying the fellow creature
For pleasure and passion...

I remake the vision of the Apocalypse
Of the prophet They are João
The city of the redeemed ones
The muse of the salvation
The cradle of the eternity
The glory of the perfection...

The prophecies if fulfill
It would be good that it was felt
The prophets had predicted
Nostradamus well that it said
Of Patmos it augured
The man of the Apocalypse...

He trembles the Land, moans the People.
In tremendous desventura
Earthquake in all part
It increases the temperature
The terror makes the currency
In it takes them to the sepulture...

The time worries me
It is hour of meditar
It will come a great comet
Everything to illuminate
A meteor rain
It stops in rightening them...

Grasshoppers will attack
Bacteriological war
Virus, fungos and illnesses.
E technological plague
The War of the Armagedon:
In it settles psychological...

Guerra-Ódio and bitterness
Disaster and destruction
The Terror invades the Land
Generating fear and affliction
The War of the Armagedon:
It will be the Great Question...

It is not said in Poetry
Corruption is only seen
Children disrespect the parents
Prostitution grows
It commands the Dictatorship:
With torture and repression...

The people to pass hunger
The misery is total
In all part of the Land
The disaster is general
The oil always goes up:
Everything is exactly different...

Plague – illness and disease
Earthquake to shake
All the globe
It starts if to flood
Tidal wave and hurricane:
Much people to kill...

They reign be$tas powerful:
The man to govern
He comes the American crossbow
To control land and sea
Allied of Satã:
He makes the war to prosper...

The problems are giant:
It is nation against nation
Everybody is in the fight
In The Great Rebellion
It orders the crossbow of the sin:
It bewitches the Multitude...

Books will be forbidden
War against the Islão
Desvirtuaram the Bible
In The New Inquisition:
Conflicts in the East:
Iraq – Afeganistão...

The man is restrained
If he cannot be brother
The forbidden truth:
The confusion will be great
Pra to buy or pra to vender:
It has that to have numeration...

The god of long ago died:
Everything now is different
"Viva the Man of the Pecado":
I hear the voice of poor people
They adore an Emperor:
E the crossbow of the President...

They will create an order
All have to respect
To adore the Satan
Pra to live and pra to buy
Who will not have the signal:
It does not need nor to pray...

The Land in the great pain
Who will be able in saving them?
The exploration is great
The poor person to massacre
The mentally ill people:
The image to adore...

Imperial cold war
Of Russian and American
Conflict... espionage
Much fear and deceit
The profit and more the value
It brings to the man much damage...

It does not exist communist
Democrat was not born
The human being is dictator
It only thinks about the one that is its
Consumerism and power:
Our man if lost...

The Truth is imprisoned
Born in the kingdom the hypocrisy
The lie is the currency
It commands would putaria it
He is all endiabrado:
Mismanagement in the orgia...

People of changed sex
Man capsizing woman
She is woman who turns man
William that turns Ester
In woman who was male:
Who goes to put the spoon.

Man with married man
On cangote and foot
Pra has tare all side
It has Maria that it is Zé
E has Zé that she is Maria
Already tô being lelé...

Casino for all part
Lottery and thousand
Everything is diversion here
Game of the animal and bad luck
The increasing unemployment
It makes the people if to capsize...

The rich ones are richer
Much people to steal
They defalcate our State treasury
Without binding for bad luck
They explore the day all
Treasure to increase it...

More truth does not exist
Demagogy is only seen
The Terror to detonate
Day and night... Night and day...
The corruption reigns
The Democracy blows up...

The misery if exaggerates
The hunger if multiplies
The poor person is in the dance
Each time more is complicated
Nobody league for the people:
In this life of titica...

The moment is fond
Of the great desolation
The crucial battle:
An insane person confusion
The War of the Armagedon
It is chaos and destruction...

The world is with fear
To face the weather
The man is lost
In The Capital Sin
He corrupted the heart:
Here it is there the great evil...

Nobody fears the future
Nor it looks the Reason
The Love was buried
It is lacking the bread
It is only desired to be able
In this world of illusion...

The mismanagement commands
The State is sick
Freedom alone goes to have
Pra if to adore $erpente
The desumano system:
It oppresses, it kills and it has lain...

The Great Empire started
Kingdom of the destruction
Of the deceit and the misery
Fear and profanation
The man is lost
In the way of the solitude...

Estopim was lighted
Back in the bands of the Islão
In the Irã of the Ayatola:
Iraq – Afeganistão
Palestine and Israel
In India and Pakistan...

The days are counted
For the old Joined Kingdom
The American Empire
It prepares its moan
The Soviet Empire
That also he will be looser...

"comunismo" dies old;
To be depleted for the world
The War of the Armagedon
It will have deep boom
The Light will survive:
The dirty being will die...

The War of the Armagedon:
The intervention of Miguel
Persecution to the Islã
Conflict with Israel
Palestinians in berlinda
In the land of milk and honey...

Brazil Will be Power?
Australia, a queen.
Mediterranean countries
They will follow to another line
The divided Europe
It is the war that walks...

Africa if to rebel
Asia in one only burst
EuroAmérica as center
Cantarola a new jinx
Bombs, wars, invasions.
Mismanagement of a bull...

The last one of the Popes
Pietro will be called
The last one of the dynasty
The end of a State
It gives good bye to the Vatican
It will be everything transformed...

The Papado Will move
Of the headquarters of the Vatican
A new Pope will reign
In the American continent
He must go for Brazil:
Where the cloth will fall...

The decay of the Church
It came with the Inquisition
a vast Empire became
It forgot the salvation
Brazil was chosen
Pro end of the religion...

A world-wide collapse
Because of the energy
False prophets promise
Peace, pureness and harmony.
It is the Kingdom of the Antichrist:
The crossbow of the hypocrisy...

The great prostitute appears
Babilônia, the great muse.
The chaos if spreads in the Land
The multitude is confused
Sorve the goblet of blood:
That Besta-Fera U.$.A

It is lived confusion
The Terror is in air
The TV shows the war:
The Horror to attack
Ships to be blown up
Bombs in detonating them...

It is the massacrante hunger
Multitudes to decimate
Terrorists of plantão
Ready to pipocar
The War of the Armagedon
It will be of arrepiar...

It will have Hydrogen Bomb
Laser ray pra to kill
Antimatter bomb
It goes to dematerialize
It will have Neutron Bomb
Pra everything to paralyze...

The Land is of the axles
In great transformation
Earthquake and hecatombe
Tidal wave and hurricane
Giant waves in the Sea
E the fury of the volcano...

The Land will enter in settles
Storm to decimate
Gigantic flooding
A dilúvio to kill
Fire, water and meteor.
Everything goes to changed itself...

The egoism is tyrannous
It makes the man to fight
To use the knowledge
Pra to exclude and to kill
It imprisons the freedom
It takes off the other of the place...

The war appeared so soon
To the world the man came
Pretty one if judging
The other if finding ugly
The ferina fight appeared
Breaking everything in the way...

The armament was uncovered
First that the Education
The strategy of the war
It always had promotion
The world is sick
Full of pollution...

It is the fight of the systems
Science and Religion
The politics of the evil
It makes the spoliation
It kills the hunger people
With as much corruption...

They generate fear in the people
They make the profanation
It is the devilish creed
The great imposition
They submit as much people
With hatred and oppression...

We walk pro uncertain
I feel fear and bitterness
In the front hecatombe
To the side the sepulture
They had congealed the Love
They had petrified the ternura...

It started in the Old Age
Beauty of the civilization
Back in lands of the Suméria
Anunakis in action
Of Babel To Babilônia:
It restored confusion...

Tarsis was atlante
Piramidal Egypt
Fenícia of the navigators
Shot was fenomenal
Nínive was colossus
The change was total...

It had the Empire of Mu
A people in advance
Of high technology
High Been rich classroom and
It was for the deep one of the Sea:
It was everything buried...

In Lemúria and Atlantis
All colossal age
Mayans, incas and Aztecs
It was a skillful power
Red Tupis and skins
It was a time without equal...

It was a power time
All different age
It was lived in full party
Caliente was a time
The injustice commanded:
In the times of old...

Until it came the Terror
The disaster was general
It came the great dilúvio
In total flooding
The revenge of deuses
Against the hominal son...

A citizen escaped
Whose name was Noah
It was prominence between us
Therefore in God faith botava
It redeemed the race human being
That reverse speed lives in march...

Continuity was given to it
Of the species of the ambition
The man if raised
E looked at pra amplidão
It started to fight
E to kill its brother...

It had Sodoma and Gomorra
Pompéia and Herculano
The fire abrasou everything
With the fury of Vulcano
Troy and Alexandria
They had disappeared in the ocean...

Cities of the Seniority
Persepólis was ruined
Alexander pilhou everything
The destruction was great
Karnac – Helicarnasso
They had disappeared in the dawn...

They had died hiperboreus
The blond occidental people
Proud Aryans
Powerful generals
In waters of the oceans
To the power they will never have...

The egoism did not die
It makes the man if to kill
Avarice and lie
The man to be deceptive
Usury and easy profit
The man to explore...

New empires had appeared
The power if renewed
Arabs and Jews
For everything always he fought
In the fight for the power
The truth if embedded...

The Pyramid of Gizé,
The Esfinge of value
Queóps and Miquerinos
The construction instinct
The River Nile to wet
It made to sprout the light of the flower...

The man does not content itself
With what it has
He always wants to increase
The power that does not convém
To reach the goal
Nobody does not respect its...

Enslaved man of the man
Craze of being superior
It passes over everything
It provokes fear and pain
The fight for the power
It brought the death of the love...

Egypt, Syrian and Iraq
War in the Middle East
Pursued Palestine
Terror, hatred, fear, tédio
The man provokes the evil
For it has remedy!

Origin of the patriarchate
Of the nomadic Hebrew people
It counts the old writing
That the time conceived
It shows the life of Abraão
The Jewish patriarch...

He divided its family
He banished the Ismael
He had a son with Sarai
Isaque, father of Israel
It took off of one gave to the other:
The land of milk and honey...

The brothers had divided themselves
In well different tribes
He was in Ur of Chaldea
The racial divisions
Of Iraq to Egypt:
The confusion is excessively...

Ismael was for a side
To have uncertain future
He was foreigner son
It did not have certain destination
It was I banish for the father
To live in the desert...

Isaque was blessed
It had all exemption
It grew in its mind
Ego and megalomania
It transmitted the descendants
The possuía power that...

There it is the mystery
It is a brother fight
Arabs and Israelis
They need evolution
To search peace and tolerance
Harmony and communion...

The conflict continued
With Jacó and Esaú
The Jacó was smarter
The other naked left therefore
He deceived the first-born
Rebu caused the greater...

It will be in the Average East
In the State of Israel
The War of the Armagedon
A cruel battle
Fight of the good against the evil
Of Satã against Miguel...

Har-Magido is mystery
In the Megido it has revolt
Plain of Jezrael
The death of the hypocrisy
In the War of the Armagedon
The tyranny will die...

The man does not have remedy
He is a perpetual butcher
Since the times of the cave
He has warrior craze
The War of the Armagedon
It will shake the entire world...

The oil of the East
It will cause the confusion
Arab and Israeli
Never more they will be joined
In the War of the Armagedon
We go to see who has reason...

Israel tremula and trembles
For killing the redentor
Rabi assassinated
Master and comforter
Until today he is denied
For a sofredor people...

Crisis in the Middle East
Terror in the Mesopotâmia
Invasion tortures and death
In the land of Babilônia
The Eagle in the invasion
It generates pain fear and sleeplessness...

It is irony time
Of the believer and the atheist
The demon in the outburst of laughter
It was never escafedeu
Intent for the sin
The nobleman and the plebeian...

Jews and Palestinians
People exactly pursued
They say to be of God
The well chosen people
E that the Jerusalem beautiful
It will be a redeemed kingdom...

Jews are discriminated
They had been racism victims
They had suffered back in the Europe
Under égide of Nazism
They make with the Palestinians
Madnesses of the fascism...

The Bible in torments them
With its prophecies
I see the goddess prostitute
In the hours counting the days
Babilônia with the wine
It goes crazy in the orgias...

I see the Land to tremble
Tidal wave and explosion
Great attacked City
For satellite and airplane
Storm and glacier
Bomb, virus, hurricane...

It is the end of the religion
The truth if emperra
Atheists, profane and believing
Fighting in the perpetual war
All in the ambition
To have the planet Land...

The Pope Will move
Of the Europe pro Brazil
They will take the Vatican
With bomb and metal ring
The Pope as he is smart
He does not want to lose the lair...

He leaves the Square of Are Peter
In search of another place
The nobleman life leaves
It will have that to modify
New time, new age
New man goes to border...

Antichrist, False Prophet
They are together pra to fight
The false Christianity
One day goes to finish
I heard one day in dream:
That the good goes to win...

The apocalítico lamb
The sacred redentor
Prometheus the freedom
The Poetry and the Love
It will eliminate of the Land:
The system of Terror...

The stamps already had been opened
The transformation starts
I see Gogue and Magogue
The Demon in the boiling
The two crossbows fighting
E adoring the Dragon...

Warmongering America
The Europe to complain
Esfacelada Russia
Israel if to set
The Islã if raising:
The war is in air...

It is the voice of the prophecy
In revelation time
Of the cabalístico mystery
Of the prophet They are João
It is the principle of pain
I go to make meditation...

The capital makes the war
Dilacera the love
It verwhelms with the peace
Torture with its pain
The Devil in deceives them
With its air of treasonous...

The ogives to be danced
Bacteria in air
The fungos and mushrooms
They make the robot to cry
In the War of the Armagedon
The man goes to changed itself...

* Poem presented in Brasilia, the National of Cordelistas and Poetas Repentistas(1980) and recorded Festival in interview
for anthropologist Silvie Raynal of the University of Sorbonne(Paris),
in Brasilia, August of 1980.