The Saga of Pink Guimarães Rosa...
Pink Guimarães João:
Universal Romancista
In the trails of the infinite
It enchanted the regional one
Its village is the hinterland:
Natural passage...

Magma, the first workmanship
For the ABL awardee
Select of poetry:
Post-mortem was published
Primitive nature:
Located tradition...

Magma... 1936:
Later Sarapalha lode
I read "The Burrinho Pedrês":
Taste of straw hat
Augustus Matraga in Stories:
The life is a razor...

Well to the way of Rose:
Stories turn Sagarana
Beautiful verbal estórias
That I heard of a cigana...
Cattle tenders in the long road:
The life in undeceives them...

Campeio in Body of Ball
For the Nights of the Hinterland
Manuelzão and Miguilim:
Miguilim and Manuelzão...
In the Urubuquaquá of the Pinhém:
To the Trails of the Solitude...

Dreams in the General Field
A Estória de Amor
Fight and consecration
Loss, joy and pain
Poverty and encantamento:
Transnatureza the flower...

The Estória de Lélio and Lina
In search of the illumination
Old young man and: friendship...
For plagas of the Hinterland
Grivo in perpetual trip:
Bronze face in action...

Peter Orósio in challenge:
The ambush death always
To hear "the Message of the Mount":
I cannot run away from the ray...
Cundalini is the serpent:
In fight with the lacraia...

It was Grivo, Peter and Dito:
Now it is Dão-lalalão...
In the prostitution of the life
Born in the kingdom prostitution
The jealousy is a scythe:
That it cuts off the heart...

Two urban brothers-in-law
In identity drama
Kept for farmer
It is privation of the freedom...
Buriti sprouts novel:
Of great vitality...

Politics and mythology
Pain... personal Revenge
Metaphysics and poetry:
God... devil, good and badly
In The Great Hinterland: Trails...
Universal epic...

The Riobaldo Gunman
He acts as narrative
He enchants yourself with Diadorim
For who he dies of love
He writes down a magical dialogue
In the voice of the interlocutor...

The interlocutor does not speak:
The narrator registers the act
Bandos if digladiam
For the mysteries in the weeds
Parallelism and dreams:
In the enigmas of the fact...

"Sorôco, its mother, its son"
Nothing and our condition
The Famous Mirror...
A city in construction
The Third Edge of the River:
Darandana in the Hinterland...

In the way it rio:o man
In the canoagem of the life
First Estórias I hear:
The disillusion is long
In the edges of the heart:
The destemida soul lives...

Tutaméia: tuta and stocking
They are the Third Estórias
Language and narrative
Explanation in histories
Reinvenção of the past:
To future the promissory note...

Losses and you reconquer
Treason, fight and pain
Variation of enredos
The old tram of the love
Ones Second Estórias:
I go to ask for to the narrator...

As many histories I count:
My uncle the Iauretê...
He has ounces in the trajectory
Relembro me of the Pererê...
Poems and thoughts:
Good pra me and pra you...

Bird, Word... Bird, Maria:
Chronicles and fictions
Rose made alquimagias:
Notebooks of anotaçãoes...
For the mines of the universe:
World of the transmutações...

In The SerTao:Veredas Supreme
Presence of the Pentagrama
Third Edge of the River
Romance, Poetry and Drama
Riobaldo- Diadorim...
Mia Bis coitus in the tram...

Courage, love, conjunct
Délivrance and destemor
It is not nothing and it is everything...
Arduous epo.peia of pain
Atravessia of the destination:
Life and death more love...

Indetermination and courage
Fear and determination
Anagram: Alchemia
Process of Initiation
Of Barbazu the Siruiz
Gift of Seô Habão...

San Francisco Urucuia
Tracks of the Great Hinterland
The Song of Siruiz
It moves with my heart
Fantaseia reality
Dreams and caosmovisão...

Joca Ramiro Zé Bebelo
Hermógenes and Ricardão
Medeiro jagunceia Vaz
It pans veins of the Hinterland
TetragrammAton: Osiris
E the Sign of Salomão...

Well crawled Siruiz
It rides fenomenal
Galopeia for the life
With maioral airs
Good horse is difficult:
It is skillful horse...

Conquest existencialma
Uncultivated river in the Way
Redemption... Knowledge
Alquímica light of the wine
Renaissance Passage
Meeting of alone I...

Osiris faced the Death
In the Hades it was Orfeu
Riobaldo in its horse
In the cosmos of Prometheus
Odisséias for the worlds
Of Pã... Ulisses... Teseu...

Medeiros Vaz wants Justice
Joca Ramiro: Friendship
Zé Bebelo in the Politics
Of the Hinterland for the city
The life is a river baldo
That it imposes difficulty...

Diadorim is allure
Dual mystery age
Day-pain-(z)-im(ha) is light
Symbol of affectivity
Day dóron Travessoa
Trails of the Eternity...

Pink passage the time
In the buritis of the message
In the papyruses of the homesickness
It made a Magma in the language.
Transmutador of the trails:
Beyond the Third Edge...