The Epic of the Cinema: of Lumière to Intercine.(P1)

Cine... 1895...
The 28 of December
First exhibition of the cinema
The Lumière: I remember well
Cinematógrapho in scene:
The past here relembro...

The gallop of a horse
A precursory scene
Flight of a bird in the screen
Transmutadora image
Lumière... George Méliès
Pathé... producing cousin...

Crown of the Czar Nicholas II(1896)
Beginning of the set of documents
Cinematographic news article
A new vocabulary
The image enters in scene
In revolutionary act...

It started with the Lumière
The epic of the image
The cinema brought the light
Innovation in the message
It revolutionized the world:
In its perpetual trip...

Chinese shades in the beginning
Start of the evolution
The mentor of the Darkroom
He was Of the Vinci in creation
The Camera of Della Carries:
It gave impulse to the invention...

Precursors of the Cinema
In the gone ones of the Seniority
China, India, Egypt, Greece
Rhythm... Luminosity
Images in movement:
The time left homesickness...

Euclides and Archimedes
Platão and Ptolomeu
They had searched the image
Well before Galileu
Principle of the Darkroom:
Leonardo conceived...

Constructor of the Darkroom
Della Door innovated
Inhaled in Of the Vinci
The future prenunciou
Gen of the photo and the cinema:
New age projected...

Magical lantern of Kirscher
Inversion of the Darkroom
Fantoscópio de Robertson
Sign of new reading
Image in travelling:
Dinamizou the culture...

Cinema in projection:
Chinese shade... Zootrópio
The Astronomical Gun
The press... Strobe
Darkroom, Phonograph:
Metal ring... Photo... Fonoscópio...

Fenacistocópio... Quinefonógrafo
The cronópios of the image
The doctor in the estetoscópio
Of the illness he makes selection
He has telescope in the track:
Cinema in multitrip...

Kirscher and the Magical Lantern
Robertson and the Fantascópio
Edson made the sincronia
It gave light to the Quinestocópio
Louis and August Lumière:
The parents of the Cinemascópio...

Cinematógrapho Lumière
Galileu in the Telescope
Quinematógrafo luziu
It gave image to the Macroscópio
Cinemascope reluz:
Much beyond the Microscope...

Fritz Lang... Eisenstein
Metrópolis... Battleship
E the Wind Took... the dream
Well far pra another side
Kane citizen desvelou:
Phoder endiabrado...

In the start he was difficult
Disfigured appearance
All age black color-and-white
Desfocado Tremuloso and
Dumb cinema if saw:
Only later lode the Spoken one...

Cinema Is Seventh Art:
It could be the first one
Industrial Hollywood
It made art and pasmaceira
It has quality thing
E also much besteira...

A thousand names of cineastas
They are projected in my mind
Griffith, Welles and Glauber
I see the Egg of the Serpent
Bergman dissecou gen:
Of an incongruous world...

I remember myself of Buñuel
Fassbinder, Polanski, Saura
Visconti, Herzog, Tarkovski
I was to the cinema with Mara
Quinema opens the head:
E the pain of the soul: sara...

In the times of cineclube
Vi Godard and Pasolini
Antonioni... Monicelli
Bertolucci and Fellini
Land in Settles is a landmark:
I do not forget Rosselini...

The Birds of Hitchcock
They had flied in the great screen
Back in the City of God:
To the times: The Life Is Beautiful?!...
E in the Central office of Brazil:
Vi Fernanda in the window...

I reviewed Light of the Ribalta
E The Great Dictator
Modern, Difficult Times
Dreams, desires and pain
In the kingdom of the crossbow - fera:
They had forgotten it Love...

Ben Hur and Casablanca:
The Last Night in air
The Sandals of the Fisherman
I remember Old and the Sea
Truffaut and Tavernier:
Coen brothers to film...

Orange Mechanics in the cup:
The Man who turned juice...
They do not use black-tie:
The Cangaceiro, of trabuco
Cinema passed of the one hundred:
He will never be lapsed...

Ang Lee, Shyamalan
Greneway, Tom and Marshall
God and the Devil in the Land of the Sun
Ran... Orfeu in the Carnival
Dance with Wolves in estepe:
Beyond the Good and the Evil...

The Day of the Coyote... Twilight of the Deuses:
To a Step of the Eternity
The Circus... Red Lanterns:
An Shout of Freedom...
Dune... To Cair of the Night:
Ju Dou... Light of the City...

Vi Apocalypse Now:
Powerful Tri Chefão
Armagedonn, Limit
Jealousy: The Conversation
American Beauty:
Earthquake... Tubarão...

Thieves of Bicycle
Crash... Forbidden Temptation
Amarcord, Eight and Half
E La Va Ship, The Candy Life
Rashmoon... Dersu Uzala:
ET and the Lost Road...

The Mailman and the Poet
Pelle, The Conqueror
Trotta, Trier, Mazurski:
Moonlight on Parador
Wild Strawberries... La Luna:
Thus It said the Love...

Fahrenheit 451:
Thus the Humanity Walks
Society of the Dead Poets
Syriana... the Mark of the Badness
The Death to the Living creature, the Land Trembles:
A Dream of Freedom...

A Night on the Land
Tragic Obsession
Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow:
The Rib of Adam
Cinderela in Paris:
The Deep one of the Heart...

It happened in New York
Armory, Land, Charada
Scarface, Seventh Sky
The Word... Finished Colloquy
Alexander Nevski, The Strike:
Seduced and Abandoning...

The Great Family, Judex
Divorce to the Italian...
Brazil, The Film: Amadeus
Cabaret, Ronin, Moana
Hair: A Stranger in the Nest:
In The American Night...

The midnight Express
Casanova and the Revolution
The Hunters of the Lost Coffer
The Crossbow Human being, The Great Illusion
Rome Open City:
The Empire of the Passion...

The Love does not have Sex
It guesses who comes Supper?
Je Vous Salue Marie
It dials M To kill
Cyrano and d'Artagnan:
The Show must Continue...

Mi Hermano Fidel:
The Last Emperor
Zelig... Guantanamera
Trembling Meat... Killer
The Sky that in Protege:
Of High Jump... The Player...

Subway... The Villains
Diva... The Professional
The Eclipse... Betty Blue
Now... Jesus of Montreal
Mash, The Last Supper:
Under the Domain of the Evil...

The Last Tango in Paris
It was Simply Love
The Fraternity Is Red
Weddings of Blood... the Drum
The Man who Wise person Excessively
The Exterminador Angel...

Prêt-à-Porter, Excalibur
Scenes of a Marriage
Strawberry and Chocolate
Diva... The Repentance
The Savage of the Motorcycle:
Zero in Behavior...

The more Hot Better
The Sin Deferred payment to the Side
The Honor of the Powerful Prizzi
The List of Schindler: Silverado...
The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser:
Daunbailó... Fitzcarraldo

Vines of the Anger, Tracks of Hatred
Madame Bovary... Napoleão
Lucrécia Bórgia... To live the Life
Birth of a Nation
The Sky Is Witness:
Surprises of the Heart...

Wax Aguirre, Museum
Platoon... Infidelity...
It was a Time in America
The Ball... the Beautiful of the Afternoon
Each one Lives As It wants:
The Ghost of the Freedom...

The Payer of Promises
Dreams of a Seducer
Transviada Youth
Assault to the Paying Train
Vi Mr. of Rings:
The Indomado... Aviator...

The Conde de Monte Christ
Gotten passionate Shakespeare
Chinatown... Dr. Givago
Enemy of the State
Potter... War in the Stars:
Man of Pursued Iron......

All the Men of the President
The Three Days of the Condor
Alice Not Deferred payment More Here
Wing... Rocky, A Fighter
The Silence of the Innocents:
Vi One test of love...

The Great Gatsby... Burning hot Bodies
Júlia... and the Wind Led...
The Name of the Rose... Loving of the Danger.
The Lady of Xangai: much loved
The Rules of the Game... Macabra Tram
The Sleeper... sonibernou...

The Maratona of the Death
The Odisséias of the chore
Of the West for the Fame
The Destination Changed its Life
The Planet of the Monkeys
Barbarella... The Corrrida...

King Kong... Indiana Jones
Procura de Mr.Goodbar
The Park of the Dinossauros
The Múmia: Johnny Guittar
Cleópatra and Blade Runner
The Hours... I sing It of the Sea...

Independece Day: Taboo
Dança of the Butterfly
Baby Doll... Picpocket
Perfumed Ball... Tieta
Signs of the Chaos... Quarup:
Oscar: the beautiful estatueta...

The Kiss of the Woman Spider
The Plague... Carandiru
The Night of the Deseperados
Sabrina... It`s All Tru(e)
Irreverent Quinteto
Otelo... the world of Apu...

It happened In That Night:
Marked Goat Pra Morrer
Strawberry and Chocolate
007: To love, To drink, To live...
It was after that Kiss:
The Tragic Dawn...

Twin souls: Bagdad Coffee
Indiscreet window... Life of Boy
El Elefante and La Bicycle
Édipo King... The Picolino...
Apolo 13: The Melody of the World:
The Party of Babette: Without Destination...

The Man who Killed the Criminal
To give to Letz Mann... the Deep one of the Heart
The Strange Way of Santiago
Drácula... Ray... The Champion
A Called Place Notting Hill:
The Death to the Living creature: Father Master...

The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant
Lili Marlene... Querelle
The Desperation of Veronica Voss
Sebastiane... Emanuelle
The Ballad of Narayama
Kaos... the History of Adele(H)...

The Merchant of Venice
Pride and Preconception
Good Night and Good Luck
Club of the Moon: The Perfect Plan...
On Boys and Wolves
Days of Anger: Nobody is Perfect...

Ghost: Love Beyond the Life
Trip to the Deep one of the Sea
The Periodical... The Occult Friend
JFK... Time of Awaking
Matrix:...... the Witchcraft of Áquila
Sixth Felt... Anxiety To love...

Spartacus... Moulin Rouge
Jeca Armadillo... Patriamada
It gave the Insane person in the World:
All Nudez Will be punished
The Great Art... Barravento:
Agony... The Crossroads...

Citizen Kane... Casablanca
The General... The Picolino
Alphaville de Godard
The Great Illusion, the destination
Rome Open City
Diamantino Rosselini......

The Invention of the Cinema
Lumière: In Search of the Gold
Hiroshima My Love
Pixote: The Island of the Treasure
The Metal rings... The Cafajestes
Friday, 13: Jinx...

Garrincha, Macunaíma
Limit... Perfumed Ball
The Discovery of Brazil
White Wing: They are Bernardo
The Third Edge of the River
Vi Pursued Act me and...

Alvarez, Alea, Make bristle
Antonioni, Monicelli
Polanski and Pasolini
Mizoguchi and Minelli
Ozu, Oshima, Pudovkin
Bob Fossi, Pietro Germi...

Besson, Blier, Boorman
Abouladzé and Axel
August, Arcand and Cukor
Nélson, Rogério, Escorel
Beineix, Allen, Carné
Capra, Griffith, Buñuel...

Dovjenko, Kaige, Klimov
Imamura and Kazan
Hawks, Ford and Huston
Kiarastomi and Jarman
Herzog and Hitchcock
Kelly, Jarmusch and Kasdan...

Wenders, Wiene, Wilder
Wright, Wyler, Zinneman
Cassavets and Chabrol
Frankheimer and Altman
Gance, Gillliam, Frears
E the Batman bat...

The Passenger - Profession Reporter
Cuts shorts - Scenes of the Life
The Outlaw of the Red Light
Ralé... Forbidden Temptation
Lolita... Fatal Attraction
Shrek... The Lost Road...

M, the Vampire of Dusseldorf
Dr. Marbuse, the Player
Daniel, Being or Not to be:
Decalogue... Gladiador
The Eighth Wife of Barbazul:
9 1/2 Weeks of Love...

Warren Beat, Honey Brooks
Whoopy, Dern and Milford
Ritchie, Finc, Holden
Carmen, Liz and Redford
Shirley, Fonda, McQuenn:
Bogart and Harrison Ford...

Spencer Tracy, Sharon Tate
Liza and Charles Bronson
Blanched and Redgrave
Brancroft and Robertson
Keaton, Dreyfuss, Young
Holliday... Marsha Mason...

Altman, Stone and Powell
Woody and Brain de Palma
Marlon Brando, Al Pacino
Cinema transmuta the soul
Greta Garbo, Bette Davis:
Cinema with calm is seen...

Kurosawa... Tornatori...
Scorsese... Almodóvar
Zhang Yimou and Michalék
Jackson and Amenábar
Zvyagintsev... Cameroon:
Vi Titanic to be shipwrecked...

Akin, Payne, Manuel
Jacquet, Bob and Marshall
God and the Devil in the Land of the Sun
Great Orfeu in the Carnival
Dance with Wolves in estepe:
Missing... Official History...

Robin Williams, Morgan Freeman
Nicholson, Fagundes, Niro
Hanks, Gibson and Crowe
Wayne errou the shot
Júlia, Audrey, Kim and Demi:
In the beautiful, my look: I aim...

Meryl, Marlene, Winona
Sônia, Morgana and Jessica
Nicole, Susan, Angelina
Olívia, Glenn and Rebeca
Sandra, Jodie and Bárbara:
Sarah and Linda in Meca...

Dulcina, Deborah, Liz
Helen, Grace, Julianne
Snow, Nancy, Catherine
I do not forget Adriane
Maria Félix, Liza, Ana
Jeniffer, Liv, Cristiane...

Merylin Monroe... a myth:
Faye, Rommy and Helene
Cláudia, Marta and Sissi
Vivian, Gina and Marlene
Meg, Emma, Kate, Lilian
Rachel, Famke and Selene...

Courteney, Vanessa, Glory
Cacilda, Leila, Michelle,
Mia, Cláudia, Cameron
Pleasure of Emanuelle
Judy, Natália, Marília
Sharon, Julie and Isabelle...

Grace, Jim and Knightley
Ziyi, Jeremy, Mitchel
Kevin, Pike, Garci'a
Tony, Stênio and Jardel
Abujamra and Santoro
Steve, Clooney and Joel...

Cinema is performance
Art and creativity
Chaplin, Karloff and Quinn
Cine multiplicity
Hopkins, Dean, Connery:
The image in invades them...

Murphy, Cruise, Reeves
Transmultiteatral scene
Kirk, Ford, Gable, Generate
Original Mastroianni
Brigitte, Alain Delon:
Light... Provençal poetry...

Fred, Travolta, Williams
Michael, Pitt and Duvall
Bogart, Cage and Hoffman
Musical Cinearte
Gibson, Willis, Douglas:
Cinema is transcendental...

Clint inventive Eastwood
Good cineasta and actor
The Indomáveis in the screen:
Gold girl, in pain
Moment of Decision:
Of a creative artist...

Anchieta, Jose of Brazil
Cabaret and Giramundo
The Amulet of Ogum:
Adorable Vagabond
River Forty Degrees:
It was Deep Impact...

Memories of a Gueixa
Love, Sublime Love
Good Night and Good Luck
The Day D... Pearl Harbor
Cinerama... Nashville:
The Player... The Player...

It comes back to the World in 80 days
The Tiger and the Dragon
Leading Miss Dayse
Violence and Passion
Blow - UP... the Leopard:
Sowing the Illusion...

The Sun Is born for All:
Union of the Thieves
New York Besieged:
In the Field of the Illusions
The Rhythm of a Dream:
The Best Intentions

Decameron and Lolita
Chinatown and Teorema
A thousand and Nights:
Clean and La Land Diaresis
The Faithful Gardener:
Canudos and Iracema...

The Púrpura Rose of the Cairo
Solaris... The Sacrifice
The Night... The Adventure...
The Letter... Soul in Capital punishment
The Piano, the Pianista:
Music is beautiful craft...

Batman and Super-Homem
Escalador Homem-Aranha
Hulk... Fantastic Quarteto
Blade and the Demolisher
Spirit... FantasMandrake:
The magicians of a sonhador...

Boulogne and Joinville
Disney and Pinewood
Mosfilm and Babelsberg
Barandow and Hollywood
Paramount, Universal:
To review the films of Wood...

Cinemalquimia transmuta:
Romance... tram in the screen...
Suspense, comedy, drama
Between the Fera and the Beautiful...
Western, cangaço, tragedy:
Homesicknesses of the Sganzerla...

Resnais, Rohmer, Truffaut
Varda and Jacques Doillon
Guérin, Pilat, Rozier
Renoir, Clément, Bresson
Clair, Carné, Tati, Duval:
Brigitte and Alain Delon...

Team, subject, scene
Elements of the filming
Plans, scenes and sequences
Punctuation and truncagem
Style and angulação:
Of the writing to the message...

Aesthetic and argument
Theatrical designer and producer
The Musical Director
Cinegrafista and actor
Essentials for the film:
They are bases of the Director...

Écrans, scripts, moovies
The Cahiers du Cinéma
Critical of Georges Sadoul
Alchemia du Quinema
Fire... Lumi... Lumière:
Cine enchantment of the poem...

Polivisão... Magnetofone
Stereokino... Ferranicolor
Rouxclor... Cineorama
Cinerama... Eastmancolor
Fatorama... Cinemascópio:
Estereofonia... Tecnicolor...

Cinestese... Cinearte
Cinédia Cinemania
Cineato... Cinecidade
Cinema in a thousand fancies:
Gen of the Creativity...

Stars and astros shine
In the fulgurância of the screen
Dialogues and performances
Of an art than more beautiful
The cinema touches the soul:
It is way, door and window...

Creators of the Cinema
The Lumière is História
They had revolutionized the World
They had filmed the glory...
Universal Cinemagia:
Of infinite trajectory...